Ash's Pikachu
Ash and his pikachu
Some attributes
First Gender: Male
Second Friends: Ash,Misty, Brock And many other pokemon\people
Third Unknown
Other attributes

Ash and his Pikachu

Ash's Pikachu is Ash's Starter Pokemon He also is Ash's Partner and Best Buddy In the original Series Pikachu was Stubborn To Ash But in Later Episodes They Be Best Buddies as they want to always Pikachu Hates Being in an PokeBall Thats Why Ash Puts him on his shoulder Pikachu Travels to other regions to compete Along With Ash to do the best

Looks: Pikachu is a Male Yellow rat he has three brown stripes on his back, he also had a zig zag tail with brown at the end. He has red cheeks he has sort of a chubby body. His ears have kind of a curve the ears have black tips to them. His eyes are black with white pupils.

Ash's Pikachu.png

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