Boo is a Pokeworld Fanon wiki OC Pokemon created and belongs to BluePupBuddy. His info is below:

Boo is an OC Ghost/Normal Pokemon.

Poke Dex Entry: Boo, the Ghost/Normal Pokemon. Boo looks like a small bed sheet ghost. Apart from having the normal attacks, defences, strengths, weaknesses, and skills of a normal Ghost Pokemon, the Ghost Pokemon Boo is different. Boo can be deceiving considering it's bed sheet look. It may look weak, but it can still be powerful. Boo can throw itself or sheets onto it's opponents, trapping them under the sheet, and blinding them with the sheet. This gives the ghost Pokemon an advantage.

Boo's Personality: As a Ghost Pokemon, Boo can be a prankster. Boo can be mischievous, and have a sense of humor. Boo enjoys trapping/seeing other Pokemon or humans stuck under bed sheets. This not only provides entertainment and fun for Boo, but also a good, fun, laugh. However, despite being a prankster, Boo can also be kind, playful, silly, and fun with other Pokemon and trainers.

Attacks: Psychic, Confuse Ray,

Defense Attacks:




Picture of Boo by PuppyLuverJoy