Eggman was working on a project when he called Giovanni saying that his masterpiece was finally finished. So Giovanni came in and looked at it, it was a giant robot. He looked at Eggman.

Giovanni- This is the "destructive weapon" you were going on about?

Eggman- Yes it is, I did some experiments with one of the Evolutionary stones and found that by using the energy inside them. I can turn it into an attack that would stop that blasted hedge-hogs and friends attacks.

Giovanni- I don't quite understand, but it sounds interesting. However, I think it would be wise to have some extra backup.

Eggman- I thought I said I work alone!

Giovanni- I know, it's just that boy you fought has foiled so many of my plans it just makes me see red!

Eggman- Are you kidding, that boy and his electric mouse!? I was able to take him out without even breaking a sweat.

Giovanni- Yes, but he only had one of his Pokémon. A trainer is able to carry 6 at a time, and some of his are much more powerful.

Eggman- Hmm, now that could be a problem. I guess it wouldn't be a bad idea to have some backup.

Giovanni- Good, I know just who to use.

Meanwhile at Brocks house. The gang was getting ready to go meet Amy and Cream and after some breakfast the gang headed over to Professor Oak's lab, each of them were very excited to see them epically Sonic and Tails.

Tails- I can't wait to see them!

Professor Oak- It won't be long now; in fact we should be seeing their helicopter any minute now.

Then as if on cue a small helicopter appeared over the horizon.

Tails- There they are!

Ash- Nice timing professor.

With that the helicopter landed in the middle of Professor Oak's yard. With that Professor Roan, Amy, Cream, and Chow all got out of the helicopter and walked over to the gang.

Tails- Hey guys!

Sonic- Sup!

Amy-  Hey Tails, hey Sonic. It's nice to finally be together again. I guess Knuckles hasn't shown up yet.

Tails looked at the ground and said.

Tails- No, not yet we have no idea where he is.

Amy- *sigh* knowing that hot head he'll show up sooner or later. So anything else happen after we hung up?

Tails looked at Amy and Cream and said.

Tails- Well actually yes, but that can wait. Let's get inside I bet you each are tired from that long trip.

Cream- You know it, *yawn* that ride really took it out of me.

Professor Oak- Well then, we should go inside.

Professor Roan- I'd love to hear more, but I've got a lot of work to do back at my lab. A new trainer is supposed to get there first Pokémon today.

Professor Oak nodded and said.

Professor Oak- Hmm, that's always a big moment in a person's life.

Tails looked confused and asked.

Tails- Get there first Pokémon, what do you mean?

Ash looked at Tails and said.

Ash- You see, when a person turns 10 they become a Pokémon trainer and get to choose one out of three Pokémon to be there first. Each region has different ones, but they all are the same types. Grass, water, and fire.

Tails still looked confused and said.

Tails- 10, isn't that a bit young to be traveling alone on your own?

Amy looked at Ash and said.

Amy- I agree, I mean regardless if they have a partner. It just seems strange to have a parent to let their child off on their own to fend for themselves.

Professor Oak nodded and said.

Professor Oak- I can see where you're coming from Amy, but it's their choice and for those who aren't prepared. We have schools on how to be a trainer.

Tails-  Wow, so kids are allowed to start traveling at 10 years old. That sure is strange. However that sounds like a lot of fun.

Ash looked at Tails and said.

Ash- It's more fun than you can imagine, I remember when I left for my first Pokémon. (Ash looked at Pikachu) Right buddy?"

Pikachu- Pika!

Professor Roan- Sorry to interrupted, but I need to get going.

Professor Oak- Okay, good luck!

And with that, everyone waved good-bye and went inside Professor Oaks home. However once inside Ash said.

Ash- Hey Professor, I forgot to ask. Where's Tracy?

Professor Oak- He's traveling, you see over the years of you bringing me your Pokémon from each of the different regions. He wanted to see them in their own habitat region. So a few months ago he left to go and explore the different regions.

Ash- Wow, how awesome! I'm glad he's getting to see them for himself.

Tails- Who's Tracy?

Ash- He's an old friend of ours, we used to travel together and then he worked for Professor Oak. He's an amazing artist and has always loved drawing Pokémon in their own habitat.

Tails- Wow sound like an interesting guy.

Ash- He is, but will discuss him later. Amy, Tails said you and Cream were held as hostages, what happened?

Tails then looked dumbfounded and said.

Tails- That's right, how did Eggman get you!?

Amy sighed and said.

Amy- We should probably sit down, because it's an interesting story.

With that everyone gathered in Professor Oak's living room. Amy took a deep breath and told her story.

Amy- You see today we were each supposed to have a nice picnic, Cream headed over to my place early in the morning, and just as we were on our way to come and get you guys. A couple of Eggman's robots snuck up on us and captured us. We tried to escape, but they were too strong.

Sonic- I'm glad you're okay. I swear the next time I see him, I'll hit his robot a lot harder than normal to beat some sense into that egg.

Amy- Thanks Sonic, I just feel terrible. If only we didn't get caught, you and the others would have been able to give it your all and we wouldn't be in this mess.

Cream- Yeah, we're so sorry.

Tails- Don't be so hard on yourselves, Eggman can be a real sneaky pain in the butt. He nearly caught me and Sonic a couple of times.

Amy- Thanks for the kind words, you guys are the best. Oh I just remembered, before we got interrupted you said something happened?

Tails- Oh yeah, I was working with Professor Oak analyzing the Chaos Emeralds and found something interesting.

Sonic- What do you mean?

With that Tails pulled out a yellow stone with a lightning bolt design inside it. Tails then said.

Tails- Well, you see this is what's known as a "Thunderstone" and are used to evolve electric type Pokémon.

Amy then looked confused and asked.

Amy- Evolve, what do you mean?

Tails- Well, how do I put this? You see, Pokémon have different types. 17 to be exact, and some of them can change into a different form through a process known as "Evolution." Now according to Professor Oak, a Pokémon can evolve as it gets stronger. However, some Pokémon need an object to make it happen.

Sonic, Amy, and Cream were just blown away after hearing this

Sonic- Wow, you weren't kidding when you said this world was as strange as ours.

Tails- Yeah anyway, we were doing a test on the Chaos Emerald and Professor Oak said that the energies looked familiar, and he compared it with this stone and it turned out that both of their energies were almost identical!

Amy just looked stunned

Amy- What, but how's that possible!?

Professor Oak- Ha, that's exactly what Tails said!

Sonic picked up the Thunderstone.

Sonic- You're right, the energy coming from this stone. Feels very similar, but I'm also feeling something else.

Professor Oak looked confused and asked.

Professor Oak- What do you mean?

Tails- You see Sonic is able to use the Chaos Energy inside of them, and when he has all 7 he's able to transform into "Super Sonic" which is his most powerful form.

Ash was just stunned and said.

Ash- Wow he can use these things to transform!?

Tails nodded and said.

Tails- Yep, in fact there were a few battles that just had the odds stacked against us. However when Sonic transformed, we were able to beat them.

Professor Oak- Hmm, it sounds like those emeralds are just as dangerous as you described to be able to do all that.

Tails- That's why we need to keep them far away from people like Eggman as possible.

Ash- Don't worry; he won't get his hands on any of them on my watch!

Misty- You've got that right, we can't let him or anyone get their hands on them. Or else, everyone will be in danger!

Ash- Yeah, but we didn't stand a chance against him last time so we'll need to do some special training.

Misty- Yeah, I agree. Gyarados was taken out so easily, and I don't think my other Pokémon would fare much better.

Amy- Others, you mean you've got more than one?

Misty- Yeah, you see a trainer can have 6 Pokémon at a time.

Ash- Anyway, how about it, you care for a battle?

Misty then said with a determined expression.

Misty- You're on Ash! You guys care to watch?

Amy looked at Cream and said.

Amy- Well, okay. I guess if we're going to be here a while, we'd better get used to these.

With that the gang each headed out to the battlefield.

Professor Oak- I'll be the referee.

With that Both Ash and Misty got to both ends of the field.

Professor Oak- Okay, this will be a one on one match. The match will be decided when either side is unable to continue.

Ash- Sounds good, you ready buddy?

With that Pikachu jumped off of Ash's shoulder and landed on the battle field.

Misty- Heh, I had a feeling you'd use Pikachu.

With that Misty reached into her pocket and pulled out a red and white ball. Tails looked confused and asked.

Tails- Huh what's that.

Professor Oak looked at him and said.

Professor Oak- You don't know? Oh yeah, I guess I forgot to mention Pokéballs.

Tails still looking confused as ever said.

Tails- Pokéballs, what are those?

Professor Oak laughed and said.

Professor Oak- Keep watching and you'll find out.

With that Misty threw the ball and a white light came out of it. Then as the light subsided, and a coral pink Pokémon appeared. Seeing this Tails mouth almost hit the ground.

Tails- W-what, where did that Pokémon come from!?

Professor Oak- It's Pokéball. You see; a Pokéball brakes down a Pokémon's atoms into energy and that energy becomes stored inside so that a trainer can store a Pokémon inside it no matter how big or small.

Tails eyes became as big as dinner plates.

Tails- Wow, I didn't even think that was possible. I guess I have more to learn than I thought.

Sonic laughed and said.

Sonic- Heh, it's funny seeing you geek out. I mean you've got things back home that almost break the laws of physics.

Tails blushed and said.

Tails- Well, I wouldn't go that far. However, it makes me excited to see what other scientific wonders this world has in store for us.

Ash- Corsola, it's sure been a long time.

Misty- Yeah it has, but don't take him lightly. He's not the same Corsola you once knew.

Ash- Sounds fun, let's see what you've got! Pikachu use thunderbolt!

Just then Pikachu fired a powerful bolt of lightning straight for Corsola.

Amy- WOW, Pikachu just shot a bolt of lightning!

Professor Oak- Yes, you see Pikachu is what's known as an "Electric Type" so therefor he can use electric based attacks.

Amy- Man, and I thought we had some strange powers.

Corsola tried to dodge it, but the thunderbolt hit its mark. Misty said with concern.

Misty- Corsola you okay!?

Ash- You're not the only one who's gotten stronger Misty. We didn't get the title strongest in Unova for nothing!

Misty laughed and said

Misty- Ha, still as cocky as ever it seems. Corsola, use recover!

Just then Corsoal started to glow, and when the light subsided it was completely healed.

Misty- Now use Pin Missile!

Just then Corsola started to glow and fired white pins at Pikachu.

Ash- Pikachu, use electro-ball!

The tip of Pikachu's Tail started to form a yellow ball of electricity. Which was fired at Corsola, Misty told him to dodge and this time he did.

Misty- Heh, looks like you've got a few new tricks. However, I've got a few of my own. Corsola, use earthpower!

Ash- What!?

Corsola slammed the ground and caused the ground around Pikachu to erupt.

Ash- Pikachu dodge it with quick-attack!

Pikachu started to run at blinding speed, and managed to dodge each of the each of them.

Ash- I guess it's time to try or new combo and end this. Pikachu use Quick-Tail!

Pikachu started moving at blinding speed again, and his tail started to glow. Then he slammed his tail at Corsola like a sledgehammer.

Misty- Corsola!

When the dust settled it showed Corsola down and out.

Misty- *sigh* guess that's that.

Misty then walked over to Corsola and said.

Misty- Thanks Corsola, now take a nice rest.

Then she held Corsola's Pokéball, and a red light came and enveloped him and was sent back into the ball.

Amy- Will Corsola be alright, he took a lot of hits?

Professor Oak- He'll be fine, Pokémon can take a lot more damage than that. When they can't fight anymore they just faint, as long as we get him to the Pokémon center everything will be fine.

Amy sighed with relief and said.

Amy- That's good, but oh boy. I'd sure hate to go up against either of those two.

Tails- No kidding, and remember, Pokémon Trainers are able to have a total of 6 at a time.

Professor Oak nodded and said.

Professor Oak- That's right, trainers are able to carry 6 six Pokémon at a time and when they get more than that, their Pokémon get sent to the lab they got their first Pokémon.

Amy- Jeez, I'm glad they're on our side. It makes me feel better to know that we've got so many powerful allies.

Sonic- Yeah, but knowing Eggman. He's already figured that out, and will likely find a way to counter us.

Ash looked at him and said holding Pikachu.

Ash- Don't worry, we'll be ready. Time to do some special training, and the next time we meet. He'll be the one on the losing end of the battlefield. Right buddy?

Pikachu sat up and said.

Pikachu- Pika!

Professor Oak- Yeah, but for now let's get the Pokemon treated.

Ash- Right, normally I'd say let's go to the Pokemon Center, but being we don't want to create any unnecessary attention. Let's go to Brocks house.

Tails- Why

Ash- Brocks more than a great cook; he's also a Pokémon doctor.

Misty- Yeah, in fact he was always there to help us out if any of our Pokémon got sick and we couldn't get to a Pokemon center.

Sonic- Well then what are we doing standing around talking about it? Let's get moving.

With that Tails just rolled his eyes and they got in Professor Oaks car and went to Brock's house. Once there they knocked on the door and Brock answered.

Brock- Hey guys, what could I do for you?

Ash- We need you to heal our Pokemon, being we can't go to the Pokemon Center without exposing Sonic and his friends.

Brock nodded and everyone went inside. That was when he noticed Amy and Cream.

Brock-Hey Ash, are these?

Ash knowing what Brock was about to say, said.

Ash- Yes, they're Sonic and tails friends. Amy and Cream, they came over with Professor Roan a bit earlier.

Amy- Pleased to meet you.

Brock- Pleased to meet you to.

After Brock got introduced to Amy and Cream he treated Ash and Misty's Pokémon. Amy and Cream were really interested by this and they helped Brock the best they could. So in no time both Pikachu and Corsola were on their feet. Soon afterword's they ran to their trainers.

Tails- You guys sure you should be up and around? I mean, you each took a lot of damage.

Pikachu- Don't worry Tails, I've been through battles a lot more difficult and have been hurt a lot worse.

Corsola- Misty's a Gym Leader, so of course I've been through a lot of tough battles, and have lost a few.

Tails- What's a gym leader?

Ash- You see, in each region there's an event to show who's the strongest trainer called "The Pokémon League," and the only way to get in is to beat a number of certain trainers called "Gym Leaders.

Tails- Oh I get it, so they're like check points.

Misty- Exactly, and when a trainer beats one of us. We give them a badge as proof.

Sonic- Sounds fun.

Ash- It is, in fact I've competed in each of them.

Tails-Wow, that's so cool!

Ash- Yeah, I remember we trained every day to become strong enough to beat each of them.

Misty- Yeah, and got lost... A lot.

With that everyone laughed.

Tails- Man, that sounds like fun. Back home we are always trying to become strong enough to keep Eggman from becoming a problem.

Sonic- Heh, yeah, but that egg is just a pian in the butt. I can't even count how many times he and his robots caused us just one big headace.

Ash- I know that feeling. Team Rocket were always driving us nuts.

Tails- Whatever happened to them?

Ash leaned back on the couch and said.

Ash- To be honest, I don't know. I guess they fianlly gave up trying to get Pikachu.

Professor Oak- Well, it looks like we've each got something in common. How about we watch some T.V?

Everyone thought that was a good idea and so Professor Oak turned on the TV, but as he was search for something to watch. There was a loud explosion outside.

Ash- What the heck was that!?

With that everyone ran to the window and looked outside, and heard another one.

Misty- What's going on out there!? Wait, that sounded like it came from Viridean City.

Tails- Sonic, you don't think?

Sonic looked at him and said.

Sonic- Without a doubt, like I always say. Where there's explosions, there's Eggman.

So with that Sonic ran to the door and was about to head over there, but then Tails grabbed his arm.

Tails- Sonic wait, you can't go out there! You'll be seen.

Sonic looked at his friend and said.

Sonic- I have to take that risk, if we don't do anything Eggman will destroy the whole town! You know that as well as I do.

Tails- You're right, if we don't stop him. There's a very good chance that someone could get hurt, or worse. I'm with you.

Amy- Hey don't forget about us! We've still got show our thanks for kidnapping us.

Ash- I guess there's no point in trying to stop you.

Sonic- Fine, we'll go with you. Just give me a minute.

He motioned Professor Oak to come with him. Once out of ear shot Professor Oak asked him.

Professor Oak- What's up?

Ash- Professor, if I'm going to take on Eggman. Then, I think I'm going to need a special team.

Professor Oak nodded in agreement and then said.

Professor Oak- I agree, come with me.

With that he turned to the others and said.

Ash- I'll be right back guys.

Ash went inside the Professor's lab to get his "Special team," and came out a few minutes later.

Sonic- You ready?

Ash- You know it!

Sonic- Then let's do this!

With that everyone got in the car and drove to the source of the explosions. To everyone's horror, their hunch was correct. In a flash everyone got out of the car and got ready for battle. Then out of nowhere Sonic heard Eggman screaming at someone. He looked for the source and found a person and her dog Pokémon fighting Eggman. Ash saw what Sonic was looking at and said.

Ash- That's Officer Jenny, she must be trying to get him to stop!

Amy- She's pretty brave to stand up to Eggman like that

Sonic- Yeah, but I just hope that bravery doesn't become her undoing.

With that the gang were about to rush in, but Professor Oak told them to wait. Sonic was confused and asked.

Sonic- What why, she's in danger!?

Professor Oak- Don't be so sure, her partner's stronger than he looks.

Tails- He's right Sonic, plus don't forget, we need to avoid any unnecessary attention.

Sonic looked at Tails and said.

Sonic- Alright, but the first sign of trouble I'm intervening.

With that the gang decided to wait and see how it would unfold.

Officer Jenny- For the last time exit the vehicle and come along quietly or else!

Officer Jenny said through hear megaphone.

Eggman- I already told you last time that I will do what I want, now unless you want to end up flatter than a pancake I suggest you leave me be!

Officer Jenny- Then I have no choice but to use force! Growlithe use Flame-Thrower!

With that the dog pokemon shot a powerful stream of fire at Eggman.

Eggman- You just won't learn, than I have no choice. Take this!

With that Eggman launched a powerful punch headed straight for the two.

Eggman- That takes care of that.

Bocco- Sir, our scanners say they're still alive!

Eggman- What, how!?

As the smoke cleared it was the two were safely under the same green shield that protected them earlier. Eggman just laughed and then said.

Eggman- Ho ho ho, that trick may have worked against me last time, but I know that shields weakness; it can't handle an attack after it blocked the first one.

Sonic turned to Professor Oak and asked

Sonic- Is that true!?

Professor Oak said sadly.

Professor Oak- It is. You see that attack is called "protect," when it's used it's able to withstand almost any attack. However, after it successfully blocks an attack, the chance it will fail increases.

Eggman- Enough, take this!

With that Eggman launched another powerful attack headed straight for them, Growlithe tried to put up another shield, but it failed. Then just before the punch hit them, a blue blur came out of nowhere and pushed them out of the way. Officer Jenny then looked up to see a blue hedgehog.

Sonic- Are you two okay?

She then got to her feet and said shocked.

Officer Jenny- Who are you, and how can you talk!?

Sonic- Name's Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog. We will explain everything later.

Officer Jenny- Who do you mean?

As if on cue Ash and friends came over to the officer's aid.

Ash- Sonic, are they okay?

Ash asked. Sonic turned to him and said.

Sonic- Yeah she's fine, but that was to close.

With that Eggman looked down at them and said.

Eggman- Well look who finally showed up.

Officer Jenny turned to Sonic and said.

Officer Jenny- You know him.

Sonic- Yes, unfortunately.

Sonic turned to him and said.

Sonic- Eggman, you just don't know when to quit do you?

Eggman- Ho ho ho, well if want get me, then you'll have to catch me.

With that Eggman's robot started moving towards the forest. Sonic and friends chased him into the forest where they finally caught him at the edge of a cliff. Sonic and friends surrounded him so he couldn't get away. Sonic then stared at him and said.

Sonic- Heh, nowhere left to run Eggman. Just give it up already, we all know how this is going to end, so just save yourself the embarrassment.

Eggman- Heh, we'll just see about that Hedgehog! If you're so sure this is how it will end as you say it will, then just try it!

Sonic- With pleasure!

With that Sonic turned into a ball and started charging at Eggman's robot. However, just as he hit it, the robot became covered in a barrier of electricity which made Sonic fly backwards. Tails ran up to him and said.

Tails- Sonic you okay!?

Sonic got to his feet and said.

Sonic- Yeah, I think so, what the heck was that it felt like electricity!?

Tails- Yeah it looked like it to, but how?

Eggman- Hohoho, oh that, just a little something I managed to whip up with this.

Eggman's robot's chest opened revealing a green stone giving the robot power.

Tails- *gasp* That's a thunderstone!

Eggman- Heh, judging by your reaction Tails. I can see you know about them.

Sonic growled and said.

Sonic- How'd you get your slimy mitts on that you fiend!?

Eggman- Heh, let's just say I've got myself some new friends. Anyway, when I did some test on it I found that its energy is almost as powerful as the emeralds. However, each one also have their own unique power, as you can painfully see. So you may as well give up, because with this, you're attacks are useless!

Tails looked at Sonic and said.

Tails- As much as I hate to say it Sonic, he's right. You can't touch him without getting electrocuted.

Ash- Well, then it looks like it's our turn.

Ash said as he and Misty walked in front of Sonic and Tails. Sonic and Tails both looked surprised and looked at each other with concern.

Tails- Are you guys sure you'll be okay? I mean, last time you and Pikachu didn't do very well against him.

Ash- You're right, Pikachu's strong, but it would seem that his attacks aren't the best for fighting Eggman's robots. That's why I brought someone who'd work better.

With that Ash reached into his pocket and pulled out a Pokéball.

Ash- I choose you, Infernape!

With that a monkey like Pokémon with fire on its head appeared infront of them. Everyone but Ash and Misty were left speechless.

Ash- Eggman, this time things won't end the same. That much I promise. Take this, Infernape use Flame-Thrower.

With that Infernape unleashed a powerful stream of fire headed straight for him. Just then a voice came out of nowhere and said. "Frillish, use Hydro-Pump!" Afterword's a strong water attack hit the flame and stopped it cold.

Ash- What the!?

Misty- Who did that!? Wait that voice, it can't be!

As if on cue a meowth shaped balloon rose up behind the robot.

Ash- Not you guys again!

???1-To protect the world from devastation.

???2-To unite all people within our nation.

???1-To denounce the evils of truth and love

???2-To extend our reach to the stars above.



Jessie-Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light.

James-Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

Meowth-Meowth that's right!

Ash/Misty- Team Rocket!

Sonic then said to Ash

Sonic- That's Team Rocket!?

Ash- That's them alright!

Tails looked at Pikachu and said.

Tails- Man you weren't kidding about their motto.

Pikachu- Believe it or not, some of the ones they've made are a lot worse.

Tails- Somehow I can believe that, but man was it bad! I mean that's almost as bad as some of the things that came out of Eggman's mouth.

Eggman- "I HEARD THAT, I WORK HARD ON THOSE SPEECHES YOU KNOW! Besides, even my worst are nowhere as bad as that catastrophe!

Jessie- Excuse me, in case you all haven't noticed. WE'RE STILL HERE AND CAN HERE YOU ALL!


Ash- Yeah we'll see about that. Infernape use Flamethrower!

Infernape fired a powerful flame headed straight for Team Rocket's balloon. However, as the smoke cleared it revealed that they were just fine and surrounded by bubble shaped barrier. Ash shocked then said.

Ash- What the!?

Meowth- Hahaha, that's not going to work. Thanks to this barrier from Eggman, we're insensible.

Sonic- Eggman, I thought you worked alone. Why are you on their side!?

Eggman- Heh, that's none of your business, and don't get the wrong idea. I'm only fighting for the same thing as them; to beat you all into the ground!

Sonic- Heh, in other words, you can't take us both on and need help.

Sonic- I'd watch that mouth of yours Hedgehog, in case you haven't noticed. You're in no position to start making sarcastic remarks! Team Rocket, hit them with IT and teach them a lesson!

With an evil grin Jessie pressed a button that made a strange cannon come out of the bottom of the balloon's basket.

Sonic- Be careful, they're up to something.

Ash- Yeah, we better end this before they can use that thing. Because knowing them, it's nothing good. Infernape use Mock Punch on the cannon!

With that Infernape took off at blinding speeds and leaped in the air and headed straight for the cannon, but just before he could hit it. The cannon fired pink ooze that hit him and sent him crashing down to ground and seemed to act like a glue that stuck him to the ground.

Ash- Infernape!

Sonic- So that's what they're planning.

Ash-So they're using that again.

Sonic- You know about that stuff?

Ash nodded and said.

Ash- Yeah, they used it on me and my friends back in Sinnoh.

Jessie- Oh so you remember our special goop. Only this time it's much more resilient to your Pokémon's attacks and it turns as hard as rock.

Sonic- Yeah, well we'll just have to do something about that.

Sonic said as he took off like a shot and ran at blinding speeds. Team Rocket tried their best to hit him but couldn't get a good enough aim.

James- Man, that thing's just to dang fast.

Jessie then noticed Tails got an idea. Sonic still dogging the attacks then said.

Sonic- What's the matter is that all you've got? I can do this all day.

Jessie- Heh, you may be too fast for us to get a good shot on you. So I guess we'll just try something else.

Sonic didn't know what they meant by that, and was worried what the answer was. Just then the cannon fired another shot, Sonic was about to doge it, but it went right past him. He looked where it was headed, and to his horror it was headed straight for Tails!


Sonic screamed as he ran as fast as he could and made it at the last second he pushed Tails out of the way and took the hit. Tails recovering from the daze saw his friend stuck in the same goop that was aimed for him.

Tails- Sonic!

Sonic looked at his friend and said.

Sonic- You okay? Sorry I wasn't able to dodge it in time, but at least you're safe.

Amy furious then said.


As a hammer formed in her hand and she threw it as hard as she could at Team Rockets balloon, but the shield from earlier appeared and block the hammer. Team Rocket just laughed and said.

Team Rocket- Won't you ever learn, that won't work?

Then out of nowhere a familiar voice came from above and said.

???- Then how about this!?

Everyone looked up and saw a familiar red echidna on the wing of an air plane headed straight towards Team Rockets balloon. He jumped off of it and flew like a missile at them. They tried to put the shield back up, but were too late and the echidna punched straight through it causing the balloon to explode and Team Rocket to go flying screaming. "Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!" and then landed right in front of everyone.

Tails- Knuckles!

Ash- That's Knuckles!?

Tails- Yep, that's him alright, but where did he and that plane come from?

Ash looked at the plane and realized whose it was.

Ash- That's Skyla's plane!

Tails- Who's that?

Ash- She's a gym leader from the Unova region; she's also a great pilot, but what's she doing all the way over here?"

Knuckles then walked over to them and said.

Knuckles- I'll explain later.

He turned to Skyla's plane and yelled to her.

Knuckles- Thanks for the lift! I got it from here!

She then flew off. He turned to Sonic and said.

Knuckles- Heh, I never thought I'd see you trapped like this Sonic.

Sonic- Yeah yeah, just get me out of this crap!

Knuckles then smiled and said.

Knuckles- Heh, no prob.

He then punched the gunk and shattered it. Sonic got up and said.

Sonic- Thanks.

Eggman- Hohoho, look who finally decided to join the party!

Knuckles snarled and said.

Knuckles- Eggman, I've had it with you! This whole mess is your entire damn fault, and I'm ready to show you just how much I hate the crap I had to go through in a lesson of pain!

Eggman- Heh, those are some pretty big words. Let's see you back them up!

Knuckles- Gladly!

With that Knuckles started running towards Eggman's robot.

Sonic- Knuckles wait!

However his cries fell on deft ears as Knuckles punched the robot with all his might. However, leaving a good size dent. He was electrocuted and sent flying backwards. He ran back to Sonic and Tails.

Sonic- You okay?

Knuckles- Yeah, but how are we going to pull this one off. That stupid electric shield makes our attacks useless. Damn it, if only we had the emeralds!

Tails then remembered the stone from earlier.

Tails- Wait the thunderstone! Sonic you said you felt an energy similar to the emeralds coming from it right!?

Knuckles- Sonic is that true!?

Sonic looked at him and said.

Sonic- Yeah, it was not quite the same, but I did feel something in it.

Tails then pulled the stone out of one of his tails.

Tails- Maybe we've still got a chance.

Tails then gave the stone to Sonic.

Sonic- Yeah, I can feel something. Let's try this again!

Knuckles- Sonic, even if these stones have power similar to the emeralds. They most likely only have the power of one, and one emerald was never enough to destroy Eggman's robots.

Sonic- You're right, but they did give me some power, and sometimes you just have to go with what you've got!

With that Sonic started to run towards Eggman as fast he could.

Tails- Sonic wait, you'll be shocked!

Sonic- (Maybe Tails and Knuckles are right, I don't know if this is going to work, and I will most likely be electrocuted, but, I can't let Eggman do as he pleases. He hurt Tails, Knuckles and that officer. I need to end this now, before anyone else gets hurt!)

Just then the stone started to glow and Sonic became cloaked in what appeared to be electricity!

Ash- It can't be, that's Volt Tackle!

Tails looked at Ash and said.

Tails- What's that, what's happening to Sonic!?

Ash- Volt Tackle is a very powerful electric attack that has the user covered in electricity and charges at the opponent, but how did he learn it!?

Tails- This must be the other power he felt from that Thunderstone!

With that everyone watched in awe as Sonic started running faster and became completely engulfed in blue electricity and then turned into a ball and jumped straight towards Eggman's robot and went right through it! Resulting in an explosion, with him escaping in a hover craft.

Eggman- You may have won this round Hedge Hog, but you have not seen the last of me!

Sonic then ran up to his friends and Tails

Tails- Sonic that was amazing, what the heck happened!?

Sonic scratched the back of his head and said.

Sonic- I don't know, I was desperately trying to put all my strength into one attack. Then I felt the stones energy absorb into my body, next thing I knew I became covered in electricity!

He then grabbed his elbows in pain. Tails then said scared.

Tails- Sonic are you okay!?

Sonic- Yeah, it's just that attack did a number on me as well.

Ash- Yeah, that's a side effect of Volt Tackle.

Sonic looked at him confused and said.

Sonic- Volt Tackle, what's that?

Tails- Sonic that move you just used was a powerful Pokémon attack called "Volt Tackle."

Ash- That's right, it's a powerful attack. However, it's a double edged sword because it also inflects damage on the user.

Sonic- Hmm, I guess I should only use it as last resort move. Anyway, now that we're done here how about we head back to the lab. I need some food, and a nap.

With that everyone laughed and made their way back to Professor Oak's lab.