Joy is a pokemon trainer who started her journey a year ago. She based of me, PuppyLuverJoy. She is 10 years old in pokemon.






Joy family is originally from Kalos but her parents are from Unova. Her parents work hard to get the family their needs. Though she goes through hard times she has to focus on what is important to her instead of worrying about family problems since she has already done her part in helping. So she focused on what she wanted in life and decided to go on a journey. She hoped things would go okay with her family while she went on her journey. As she traveled through Kalos she met friends, captured pokemon, and earned gym badges, and has learned a lot about pokemon. So now she travels to be the best she can be.




Froakie: Froakie is male. Froakie is the first pokemon she caught from Professor Sycamore. Froakie tends to be quiet, and fast moving. He is the calmest one in the group. He doesn't get along with Eevee due to how different they are, but then later on they realize that their not different.

Eevee: Eevee is female and later on Eevee evolves into Sylveon. She is cheerful and likes to be clean. Except when it comes to battling. She is in it to win it!

More to come~

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