Mega Ninetales

(this Pokemon is by Aurychase, Vanguardmaster and PuppyLuverJoy)
Mega Ninetales chomp

a comp


his fur is very thick neck. the fur on the head yellow / gold much longer and thick, with two tufts that pass in front of the ears. the fur on the paws, fingers apart, is orange. above the paws are twisted and braided laces over brown with red flowers. the fur on the back yellow / gold, forms a cloak over the dry leaves brown. Around his neck is a string equal to those on the paws, with a red flower. next to the tufts on his head has two flowers identical to the one on the neck. nine tails are streaked with brown, orange and yellow / gold. the queues are always intertwined, forming a huge braid ending in nine ends of lines, united by a red flower. all parts of the thick fur are red. eyes are light blue. the fur inside the ears is red


work in progress..


work in progress..

Some Informations

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work in progress..