Mega keldeo is a special mega evolution keldeo can achieve in addition to his resolute form, using keldeoite


Mega keldeo has a pure blue mane with a lapis lazuli gem on the base of his horn. His sword is longer but less jagged. His chest fur is longer with another lapis lazuli gem in it's chest. It's eyes are red and his hooves have four little round points on their that allow him to increase his water shooting ability. His sword is now a blue color and it is way longer than before


In this form keldeo is still his friendly self but has much passion and chivalry. He acts a lot like a proud knight from the Middle Ages and tries to act with honor and chivalry always, defending his trainer and those in need


Attack: 100

Defense: 90

Speed: 120

Special attack: 140

Special defense: 100


Shiny mega keldeo has more sea foam green in his mane and chest fur. He also has two sea foam green lapis lazuli gems in his mane and chest fur. In this form his eyes are blue aswell


This is my first pokemon I made myself

This is the second mythical pokemon to have a mega evolution (the first being diancie)

This is the first sword of justice to mega evolve

This is the first unovia pokemon to mega evolve


(coming soon)