Melane is a young girl training to be a pokemòn master.

She is also the persona of marie568


Melane used to live in the Kanto until she was 9, leaving for multiple reasons. She moved to Unova and after a year started a journey.


Physical: Melane has cinnamon colored skin, cocoa eyes, and black hair with the tips dyed in magenta.

Outfit:She wears a white long sleeve undershirt with a collar and a sleeveless magenta blouse with long jeans rolled up at the bottom. She has magenta slippers. On her collar she has a squirted tag.


Emolga- The second pokemon she gets in her journey in Unova.

Snivey- her first pokemon.

Squirtle:- Her third pokemon. Finds him abandoned and walking around in the wild.

Tep pig and Oshawatt- find them in the wild.