( Pkmn Trainer Charlie is my Trainersona and is based completely off of me! )

Bio: Charlie was Born and Raised in Azelea town of the Johto region, when he was young his dream was to Beat the Pokemon league and become the Champion of his Region, when he Turned Ten, he left his house and began his Journey, he Got a Starter Pokemon which was Chikorita, he Traveled all around the johto region and Obtained all eight Gym badges, and Completed the Pokedex, after that he challenged the Pokemon league, he beat the League and became Champion.. after that he Went to mt. Silver to train his Pokemon, but he Ran into the Legendary pokemon Trainer Eed, they Both Trined together and after 3 years, Charlie wanted to Explore other Regions and Meet new People and Challenge Various Trainers and Become the Strongest Trainer out there! he's Currently in the Unova region, while in the johto Region, he caught the Leendary, Lugia, Ho-oh and Suicune, he caught the Rest of them too!.

Personality: Charlie is a Very enthusiastic trainer, he loves to Battle and he Wants to make his Pokemon Stronger, he likes meeting new people and Pokemon, and loves making Friends, he also likes Completing The Pokedex and studying Pokemon, so he could learn more about them.

Appearance: Charlie wears a White Shirt with a Blue Pokeball Insignia on the Front, he wears, Blue Cargo shorts, he also, wears White/Blue Basetball shoe, the Shoes are White on the Top and and Blue on the Bottom the Shoe have Blue Shoe laces as well. since he has kinda poor eyesight, Charlie wears Blue Glasses, with a Small white Pokeball insignia on the left and white sides. Charlie has Black hair and Brown eyes, he wears a White hat turned backwards, he also has a Mega- Evolution bracelet on his Right Wrist.

Pokemon team (Johto):

Lvl 96 Suicune Lvl 88 Pikachu (Female)

Lvl 89 Snorlax (Male) Lvl 91 Steelix Male)

Lvl 98 Meganium (Female) Lvl 94 Nintales (Female)

Pokemon team (Unova):

Lvl 100 Serperior (Male) Lvl 79 Simisear

Lvl 84 Zoroark (Female) Lvl 81 Simisage

Lvl 90 Zekrom Lvl 82 Simipour


Charlie is based off of me.

he is currently 13 years old

He Travels around the Pokemon world

He was once the Johto region's Champion

His favorite Pokemon is Pikachu

He barley uses his Mega evolution bracelet