Chapter 2: Asking for a Favor

Ash and Pikachu sat down at the kitchen table as Delia served them a plate full of pancakes, eggs, and biscuits. As they at, Delia asked "So Ash, what are your plans today?"

"I was going to train with Pikachu and look at where our next journey should be," Ash answered before taking a bite of a biscuit.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu said in agreement.

"Okay. But first, could you two help me out in the attic? I wanted to look and see where some books were and maybe we'll find some other stuff too," Delia explained.

"Sure mom. Just let me and Pikachu get ready and we'll get started!" Ash replied back. Once everyone was done eating and washing their hands, Ash and Pikachu went upstairs to go get washed up. However, just as Ash and Pikachu were about to enter his bedroom, they heard Delia call out to them from the stairs.

"Oh AAAAASSSHH!" Delia sang from the stairs. Ash got nervous; whenever his mom sang something like that, she usually had something in mind for him to do.

"Don't forget to change your underwear!" Delia sang to her son and his Pokemon, smiling as she did so. Pikachu looked at Ash's face which had turned red as an apple.

"MOOOOOOOOMMM!" Ash replied in embarrassment before he and Pikachu ran into the bedroom, and closed the door behind them before she could say another word. Delia then chuckled knowing Ash had understood and then went back to the kitchen.

Back in his bedroom, Ash got all of his clothes, shoes, socks, and anything else he would need to get ready for the day. But he felt like something was missing. Ash counted all of the items he had, but why did he feel like he still needed something.

"Piiikaa Piiiii!" Pikachu sang before Ash turned around. There in Pikachu's paws was a pair of underwear, being waved in the sir.

"P-Pikachu!" Ash said in embarrassment, turning red again. Ash quickly grabbed the underwear from his Pokemon before jumping into the shower. Once he was done, Ash came out all dressed and ready. Pikachu was also ready, and after exiting the bedroom, they met Delia near the staircase where she was ready to go into the attic.

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