Part 1: Van solas

Location: lumious city

Date: February 2 2015

Van (narrating): I should probably start at the beginning. I'm Van, Van Solas, and I'm a pokemon trainer, from a long line of trainers. You could say that pokemon training was the family business, and business was GOOD! However I'm actually just beginning my journey, I finally graduated from my mega evolution studies from professor sycamore and now I'm ready to roll with my new partner heracross! Although I never really wanted to be a trainer........until one day

(Van is out at lumious tower)

Van: wow what a view! I can see all of the city from here!

(Suddenly he remembered that tonight was when the meteor shower was)

Me: oh shoot! I gotta meet my bro at the field!

(He races over there only to bump Into professor sycamore)

Me: oh hello professor

Professor: ah van just the guy I wanted to see. I have a new pokemon I think u may like. Who knows it may even inspire you to-

Me: professor I'm sorry but I'm not interested in going on a journey. I'm just a normal kid

Professor: one of these days you will change your mind. I'm sure of it

Me: (checks the time) oh no it's almost starting! Gotta go professor bye! (Runs off full gallop)

Professor: that boy........he may not know it but he is destined for great things

(Work in progress)

Part 2: Joy

Part 3: Aury (Aurora)

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