hello! I'm Aurora, I go crazy for Pokemon.I have a passion for me since I was little and it is the first cartoon that I saw on television!

About me

I collect playing cards, watching series and movies, drawing, writing stories and I play 3DS.. all of pokemon! i like AshXSerena or SatoSere relationship. i hope that a day i will can work for this cartoon and never i will stop to watch Pokemon!


  • Pokemon Omega Rubin
  • Pokemon X
  • Pokemon White
  • Pokemon White 2
  • Pokemon Soulsilver
  • Pokemon Ranger: Path of Light
  • Pokemon Mystery dungeon explorer of sky


many many..


here my trainersona! Aury (Aurora)

My Stories


My Movies


My Pokemon





  • PuppyLuverJoy: It looks nice and has a lot of my similar tastes! And it is my new BFF. It is sunny, nice and pulls me in good spirits! will work with her often!
  • USS HERO: is the first collaborator I work with a story. He is very patient and explained the basics of the chat!
  • Vanguardmaster: It is a great friend and I want to give him a leg because everyone needs help of friends

the wiki has been created, but soon I will update the list.. :P

Favourites Pokemon

  1. Suicune
  2. Lugia
  3. Pikachu
  4. Fennekin
  5. Zekrom
  6. Xerneas
  7. Meganium
  8. Dialgia
  9. Mewtwo
  10. Aurorus
  11. Vulpix
  12. Zorua
  13. Eevee
  14. Litleo

My favourites Movies (first 3)

  1. Pokemon 2000
  2. Pokemon Mewtwo vs Mew
  3. Pokemon Hoopa the archdjinni of the rings (when will be show in japan ^^.. i hope is beautiful as the trailer supposed)


Mega Ninetales comp

for the content of Pokemon draw. sorry for poor graphics, soon i'll scanner it!

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