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Hi Whats up my name is PokemonMasterAsh12 but call me Max im a Huge Fan of Teen Titans Go Teen Titans Pokemon

Things i love to do

Play Basketball

Watch Pokemon

Play Pokemon Y


  • Hylian Poke Trainer (Best Friend)
    • Number1PearlingShipping02
    • Beastiefan83 (kinda a good friend)
    • OfficialStarfire
    • JunkyardBeast
    • Royal Robin
    • Ripto
    • Ryker
    • 509
  • Wolf Fang
  • Marie
  • AuryChase

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  • PuppyLoverJoy
    • Emily

Favorite Video Games

    • Pokemon Y (3ds)
    • Pokemon Omega Ruby (3ds)
    • Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
    • Super Smash Bros 3DS
    • Pokemon Black (regular Ds)
    • Pokemon Temporal Diamond (Soon 3ds)

My Gallery and Templates

100x100px PokemonMasterAsh12 is a Pokémon fan.

100x100px PokemonMasterAsh12 knows PokemonMasterAsh12 is a Pokémon expert.

Music Pokemon Remixes Pokemon Omega Ruby Battle Themes


    1. Pokemon The Rise of Darkrai
    2. Pokemon X Y Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction
    3. Teen Titans Trouble in Toyko
    4. Pokemon Hoopa and the clashs of ages 


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