Aurychase Aurychase 9 February 2016

last thing

i'll tell quickly that we should take down the page that talk about the characters of the original show.

for that there is already a wiki. seems we are copying and here we do only fanon things. every wiki should be used for what is been created. so if someone need informations, will go to the wiki, not creating here something of that. this is a fanon wiki.

i know someone wrote it and using his/her time, but we should do the best for the wiki and i think this could help us to don't have argue or similar.

so as last thing i ask before leave this place for the time i need, please take down that pages, so we can be safe. 



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Aurychase Aurychase 3 August 2015

we are in a bad way maybe

hi guys, i'm doing this blog for an important thing. we have 3 problems.....

1) i saw Mega Serperior and now i know that isn't of PokemonMasterAsh, but another user of Deviantart. and i don't like this, if the art aren't of you guys, don't post it. please look if is of another users and don't tell that is your

2) i saw that the image that i used for the Pokémix was of some users of Deviantart, and i fell bad for don't know. so i delete all images and i promise that i will redo but drawing.. so there won't be problems... it is just because i don't want problems or fight here

3) i saw that there is a lot of page, but a lot are of real things of the series or of Pokemon. ex: Ash's pikachu, Mega audino, Misty ect... the real question is.. why pos…

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Aurychase Aurychase 25 June 2015

Now i'm very angry!

i'm tired, angry and sick.. why we can't do someting with calm!? now i have the nerves in pieces!!!  i will not be on any wiki until more more time!!!! i have an exam and i'm sick of getting angry!!! NOW STOP!

since this wiki was created has been used only to fight... i'm really sad about this and perhaps regret to be the co-founder. i did not think this wiki would be used in such purposes. in view of this i'll be away for almost a month. i don't want to come here or in other wiki.

perhaps i will come one or two times in PPF for publish my stories. i will not answer any comment unless both Morgan.

also i will be active sometimes in the furries wiki, but ONLY  for the project OOPS. i want do this project. in others cases i wont chat with anyone,…

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Aurychase Aurychase 22 June 2015

Sonic X Fanon wiki

for who like Sonic x.. there is Sonic X Fanon Wiki!

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Aurychase Aurychase 12 June 2015


hi guys, i know that maybe all of you know of this, but now there are the Pokémix! i inveted this.. it's easy. you'll tell me the name of the pokemon and how you want that will be.. and later i'll do all! for know something and tell me some ideas go here!

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