i'm tired, angry and sick.. why we can't do someting with calm!? now i have the nerves in pieces!!!  i will not be on any wiki until more more time!!!! i have an exam and i'm sick of getting angry!!! NOW STOP!

since this wiki was created has been used only to fight... i'm really sad about this and perhaps regret to be the co-founder. i did not think this wiki would be used in such purposes. in view of this i'll be away for almost a month. i don't want to come here or in other wiki.

perhaps i will come one or two times in PPF for publish my stories. i will not answer any comment unless both Morgan.

also i will be active sometimes in the furries wiki, but ONLY  for the project OOPS. i want do this project. in others cases i wont chat with anyone, i'm just going with the others this story and then i'll go. maybe only once or twice with Joy.. but this will only cover two of us and that's it...

i'm so sorry but still don't believe that the wiki has become..this isn't even the Pokemon Fanon wiki.. 

and i'm so sorry that i have not replyed to all comments, but now i don't fell.. so i go away...


now i'm more good.. but i'm so tired and sad.. so i can't stay here friday and Saturday.. for my exam.. but i'll come Sunday. 

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