hi guys, i'm doing this blog for an important thing. we have 3 problems.....

1) i saw Mega Serperior and now i know that isn't of PokemonMasterAsh, but another user of Deviantart. and i don't like this, if the art aren't of you guys, don't post it. please look if is of another users and don't tell that is your

2) i saw that the image that i used for the Pokémix was of some users of Deviantart, and i fell bad for don't know. so i delete all images and i promise that i will redo but drawing.. so there won't be problems... it is just because i don't want problems or fight here

3) i saw that there is a lot of page, but a lot are of real things of the series or of Pokemon. ex: Ash's pikachu, Mega audino, Misty ect... the real question is.. why post it? sorry is a fanon wiki, not a wiki. here we create characters, stories and other and do a page of the original character seems not utile... sorry i tell this, but i would like more fiction here and seeing page that aren't of this make me some sad. i would like delete the pages.. not for don't appreciate the work of the users that public that. but i would like that all do the things for what this wiki is created. and doing page of real things, would can seems that stole the dirict of "Pokemon" and "Gamefreak". we can use for stories, but we can't use original thing as someone posted. so please give to me the permission to delete it and i hope that you will create some more good and with fiction.. (obviously not all, because there are some users that do something^^)

thanks to all

                                                                     Aurychase , co-founder of Pokeworld fanon wiki

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