PuppyLuverJoy PuppyLuverJoy 1 August 2015

Chat is down

Hi everyone~! ^^ So, chat is going to be down for a while due to spammers on other wikis. We are doing this to protect the wiki. Chat will be up again, when we feel the wiki is safe again.

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PuppyLuverJoy PuppyLuverJoy 19 July 2015

A Birthday count down

Ok, I can do this. 4 more days until my birthday. I can wait....No I can't~! ^^ It's almost here~! I can't wait~! I can't stop saying that. Yep, That's how happy I am. Which is probably weird since I'm not sleepy at all and it's 3:36 am :P (My time) Why can I not go to sleep? Most likely because It's almost my birthday. ^^ I can't wait anymore~! I plan on getting a puppy~! My parents won't allow me to have one since they don't want to be signing papers.....but I got a plan~! Papers aren't gonna stop me. Nor my parents. Maybe. Anyways first thing when I get up on my b day is ask for a puppy. I know that they can't say no to me on that day. ^^ Maybe. So I may or may not get a puppy. My plan cannot fail. If it does, I'll probably go out for i…

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PuppyLuverJoy PuppyLuverJoy 7 July 2015

Do people even like pokemon?

Sorry If I sound a bit rude through out this blog, but I am NOT liking this. Why do people even bother coming here when they don't like pokemon? This is a place for pokemon fans. I am getting a little sick of this. Why is this wiki called a Pokemon fanon wiki when people don't like it? Why even come here? Why not just go to another place? :/ I would also like to know, why did u join this wiki. I am here because I for one am a pokemon and no I don't like pokemon. I LOVE POKEMON~! Now, I am not forcing u to join this wiki nor to like pokemon. I would just like to know why u joined, and Why did u come here when u don't even like pokemon. It's not just one person, but some people. Again, I am sorry if this sounded rude.

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PuppyLuverJoy PuppyLuverJoy 5 July 2015

Guess who's Back~!

Hi everyone~! Guess who's back~! I'm back from Texas~! ^^ I only went to Texas for 2 days because we had to pick up someone very special. Well, she's special to me. Going to Texas was really important to me because we went to go pick up my grandma from Mexico. This was a big deal for me because I finally get to met her in person for the first time~! I never really talked to her seen her before. But now I do~! It was also a big deal for my mom. She gets to see her for the first time since 17 years. When we got there we reunited with my family on my moms side. Almost all of her family. Where they live was on a ranch. The houses where separate and had a huge back yard. They where even allowed to have donkeys, horses, cows, and dogs. Except pi…

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PuppyLuverJoy PuppyLuverJoy 14 June 2015

I Don't know anymore....

Hi guys....all I wanted to say was that I don't know how I feel anymore....I mean the party was great!.....I mean I love how the families are all connected to each other.....They were all having a good time, laughing, with their children....but...I guess deep down inside...I wish my dad was there with us. I understand that he is working hard and everything but i hardly get to see him.... To be honest I wasn't even looking forward to this party! I mean this was suppose to be a party where families get closer to each other but I felt like I was the only person at the party without a father there! I honestly felt like tearing up in the party....I was begging to my mom to leave....I just couldn't take it no more! It hurts me even more when my mom to…

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