Ok, I can do this. 4 more days until my birthday. I can wait....No I can't~! ^^ It's almost here~! I can't wait~! I can't stop saying that. Yep, That's how happy I am. Which is probably weird since I'm not sleepy at all and it's 3:36 am :P (My time) Why can I not go to sleep? Most likely because It's almost my birthday. ^^ I can't wait anymore~! I plan on getting a puppy~! My parents won't allow me to have one since they don't want to be signing papers.....but I got a plan~! Papers aren't gonna stop me. Nor my parents. Maybe. Anyways first thing when I get up on my b day is ask for a puppy. I know that they can't say no to me on that day. ^^ Maybe. So I may or may not get a puppy. My plan cannot fail. If it does, I'll probably go out for ice cream.....But who wants ice cream on there birthday? I don't know why I said that, I want ice cream too :P But I really want a Puppy~! Anyways, See ya later~!

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