Hi everyone~! Guess who's back~! I'm back from Texas~! ^^ I only went to Texas for 2 days because we had to pick up someone very special. Well, she's special to me. Going to Texas was really important to me because we went to go pick up my grandma from Mexico. This was a big deal for me because I finally get to met her in person for the first time~! I never really talked to her seen her before. But now I do~! It was also a big deal for my mom. She gets to see her for the first time since 17 years. When we got there we reunited with my family on my moms side. Almost all of her family. Where they live was on a ranch. The houses where separate and had a huge back yard. They where even allowed to have donkeys, horses, cows, and dogs. Except pigs. I wanted to have a donkey so badly~! I don't know why I want a donkey I just know I want one. ^^ I didn't get one though since my mom pretty much prefers a horse then a donkey. Well, at least I had a chance to pet the donkey~! ^^ After that, I jumped in the pool with my family~! ^^ There was enough space for everyone since the pool was big~! Everyone got wet except my mom and grandma. After that My mom, Grandma, my Aunt, and I went back to Tennessee. I really wanted to spend more time there but I couldn't. It was time to go back home. I did have a fun day~! ^^ One day I'm gonna go back there~! ^^ But for now I'm back~!

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