Vanguardmaster47 Vanguardmaster47 27 June 2015

The biggest publication of my LIFE

I can't believe what just happened. I got a letter from the American library of poetry and I'm offically entered in their competition. But that is not all IM GONNA BE PUBLISHED IN A REAL BOOK NOT JUST A SCHOOL ONE! All over the country! This is the BIGGEST PUBLICATION OF MY LIFE!

Update: ok i just found out that i DIDNT just get selected for. This. I WON it. Getting into the book was a competition in itself! Do u know what this means?!  I won my FIRST MAJOR poetry competition!!!!!!

Update 2: ok i made an error. Aparently all competitors move on regardless of if they got published BUT getting published IS like winning a prize (since only 20% of the competitors get published) so i count this. As winning my first major poetry competition. So i …

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Vanguardmaster47 Vanguardmaster47 25 June 2015


I DID IT GUYS I GOT MY FIRST MEGA EVOLUTION! I got TWO copies of mega rayquaza ex and one of em us FULL ART! Im still searching for mega gallade though but now my fav mega is mega rayquaza ex

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Vanguardmaster47 Vanguardmaster47 23 June 2015

Ancient origins news

The next pokemon tcg set is set to release in August. It's called ancient origins. And it features hoopa ex and some new mega evolutions such as mega tyranatar, mega amphabros, and my personal fav (now tied for my fav mega evolution) mega sceptile! Let's all get pumped up bc this summer is gonna be an AWESOME one with sets like these!

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Vanguardmaster47 Vanguardmaster47 22 June 2015

Show me the money

Hey guys this Wednesday I'm going to be selling three valuable cards I have and I found out it'll be worth $98! I'll be able to afford a booster box. Fingers crossed I get a mega evolution ;)

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